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What patients think about us...

Sitabai Betts

There are two exceptional chiropractors who practice here, Dr Pierce and Dr Ringstad. They each specialize in an area of chiropractic care and they complement each other perfectly. You likely ...
2022.06.17 — a month ago

Sharon Brown

I came into PRC when I was looking for a Blair Upper Cervical Chiro. for my neck and head pain. Both Drs. are wonderful and extremely caring. I highly recommend ...
2022.05.12 — 2 months ago

James McKinley

Wow! What an impact PRC (Dr Pierce and Dr Ringstad) have had on my quality of life in only a month of treatment. In my late 50’s but continued to ...
2022.03.08 — 4 months ago

Chad Wilson

If you are looking for a health care provider that genuinely cares and will be invested in your wellness …. this is the place. I trust them with not only my ...
2022.01.12 — 6 months ago

tracy Rafferty

This has been one of the best decision I have made to walk in the doors! Both Dr Celia and Dr Pierce are very knowledgeable and compassionate to your individual ...
2021.10.04 — 9 months ago

Meet Our Team

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Dr. Celia Ringstad

Dr. Celia Ringstad

Chiropractic Doctor

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Dr. Paul Pierce

Dr. Paul Pierce

Chiropractic Doctor

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Meet Our Gentle Chiropractors

Everything that's happened in your life, including being born, has contributed to what's going on in your body right now. That's why our doctors will not only ask what prompted you to seek our care, they will also give you time to share your entire health history. This allows them to understand the totality of your condition.

Roseville chiropractors Dr. Celia and Dr. Pierce specialize in Blair Upper Cervical work, a highly precise and gentle form of adjustment to the upper neck that does not include any twisting, popping or cracking. As the name implies, Blair Upper Cervical targets the upper vertebrae in the neck, removing interferences from the nervous system to restore normal communication between the brain and body. When this communication flows freely, the body's health and balance is restored and you can achieve optimal functionality.