Dr. Celia Ringstad

Dr. Celia Ringstad

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Meet Dr. Celia Ringstad

Dr. Celia has a very special interest in chiropractic care, and Blair Upper Cervical Specific Care in particular. A third-generation Alaskan and one of nine kids, the trajectory of her future was quickly altered when a drunk driver changed the course of her life at 8:15 am on a fateful Saturday morning.

A Life-Altering Adjustment

Dr. Celia spent weeks in the hospital, underwent numerous surgeries and treatments for the multitude of injuries. She had traumatic brain injury, spontaneous episodic paralysis, along with multiple broken bones. After months and months, the doctors told her parents there was nothing more they could do for her – “this was as good as it gets”. If you can only imagine! Brain fog, fatigue, PAIN, disconnected thought/speaking ability and on and on.

Thank goodness and by shear “divine intervention” she was put into the hands of a Blair Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractor that completely changed her life. During her first adjustment, she felt warmth, (like warm water running over her body kind of sensation) in her body for the first time in over 18 months since the accident recovery. She was able to get restorative sleep, able to start thinking/speaking more clearly and the excruciating pain, fatigue and brain fog were all lifting. After six months of Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, the pain, the fog, the fatigue, the pain meds, the difficulty sleeping …. All of that just completely resolved. It went away. She had her life back.

Outdoor Living

Away from PRC Pierce Ringstad Chiropractic, Dr. Ringstad enjoys spending time in the great outdoors – especially South Lake Tahoe – with her friends and family, skiing, hunting, fishing, cycling, archery, you name it, she probably loves it. She’s an Alaskan girl thru and thru. “You can take the girl out of Alaska, but not Alaska out of the girl”, as they say. She is a highly sought after International Speaker and Trainer, where she truly shines by sharing her authentic sparkle like no other.

Your condition may not be as dramatic as Dr. Celia’s, but whenever your body isn’t functioning properly, your life is diminished. We’d love to help you get your life back! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.